Welcome to the village

Dog Boarding at Pet Village

At Pet Village, dog boarding is like a sleepover for your furry child surrounded by friends and adoring grownups. Sleepovers include cozy, private rooms, daily exercise in paw-friendly play areas, splash pools, naptime and more.

Much fun!

Our services include:

  • Complete attention and care they demand at all times from our ever present staff
  • Custom built suites at night where the pets board (Indoors Boarding only).
  • Customized boarding activities to suit your pets needs
  • Mind stimulating games and activities (Puzzles)
  • Feeding as per your pet’s schedule
  • Medication administration by our qualified veterinary assistant when needed and as directed.
  • Leash walks and hikes to the local parks and other interesting sites for extended stay guests at no extra costs (30 days and over). This service is also available as an ad on to our regular guests.
  • Frequent Pawgress reports, pictures and updates to our pet’s parents on our WhatsApp group and on email.
  • We have the capacity to store frozen foods
  • Your pet is more than welcome to bring: Blankets, Favorite toys, leash or collar, daily routine print out, old pawrents tees for some familiar smells, Bowl (necessary for fussy eaters).