what we offer at pet village

Our Services

In addition to keeping pets healthy and happy, we are passionate about shaping a new kind of pet care—the kind that is centered around making sure you’re meeting all of your pet’s needs.

Dog boarding

At Pet Village, dog boarding is like a sleepover for your furry child surrounded by friends and adoring grownups. Sleepovers include cozy, private rooms, daily exercise in paw-friendly play areas, splash pools, naptime and more.

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Our dog grooming center is stocked with hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners, and other products that are safe and gentle on a dog’s skin and coat. Our groomers are well-versed in dealing with dogs of all sizes and breeds, and they know how to put your doggy at ease during baths and grooms.

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We understand that many people have long work days, and it can be upsetting to leave your pet home alone all day. To put your mind at ease, we also offer cat boarding.

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Do you wish you could play with your friend all day, every day? We recognize that this is not always possible, but at Pet Village, that is exactly what we do! Monday through Friday, we provide the best-in-class dog daycare services, and we aim to make your pet feel as loved and pampered as they do at home.

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Uncle K’s Socialization Programme

Uncle K’s socialization program is designed to teach your dog how to react to the world in a healthy manner, free of unnecessary fear or aggression.

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Grooming camps

Pamper your paw buddies with an all-inclusive spa and day-care here at Pet Village offering.

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Any special request?

Our team is more than happy to provide you with any help whatsoever that you may need. Contact us today!


Happy clients

Reviews en testimonials from our happy pawrents!

Seeing how excited my pup gets when she sees the staff of Pet Village, I’m confident she receives great care there.

The team are super communicative and honest. They genuinely love the pups. There are always staff about playing and fussing over our furry friends. Not only are they happy but they look fabulous as well – great grooming! They even offer an extra pickup and drop off service which is super helpful. My dog literally leaps into the car like she’s going to Disneyland.

They have plans to expand and I’m excited to see what’s next for the village.

Local Guide

Every time that Pet Village picks our Jango up, he’s running to the gate, so excited, he doesn’t even look back before jumping into their car! We have also visited the site and it’s a beautiful, roomy, safe place where our dog gets to interact with lots of other doggies and people. This built in socialization is one of our favorite things. We constantly recommend Pet Village to others as it’s completely obvious that the team are true dog lovers who are kind, and warm, and loving. They don’t just feed, or wash, or walk our dog (though they do all those things), they also give him lots of love and attention so we always know he’s in great hands!


The service level offered by Pet Village is exceptional. They treat each pet as an individual and each owner as a friend.

My 2 golden retrievers go to ‘Uncle K’ 3 times a week and have their high energy needs taken care of as well as becoming extremely well socialized.

I hope they open a human day care so that I can be assured of the same level of care for my son.

Client for 2 years

Pet Village has been such a God send for me and my Shih Tzu Bobby. It is incredibly convenient as they pick and drop him off for the day camp and Bobby has such a great time there. Their grooming service is also really good. But most of all, I completely trust their team. When I leave Bobby with them for boarding, I know that he is totally safe and really cared for. That peace of mind to me, is priceless!